Air Duct Cleaning

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One of the important services that Steam Wright Cleaning offers for your home or business is air duct cleaning. It is recommended by most health experts that air ducts be thoroughly cleaned every two to three years. The indoor air quality of your home is vitally important and nothing is more essential to maintaining healthy indoor air quality than keeping your ventilating system clean.

A clean air duct system functions as it was meant to. A properly functioning ventilating system operates much more efficiently than one that is clogged with dust mites, dirt, dead mice and other filthy contaminants. So, It’s easy to understand that clean air ducts provide a healthier environment, and that a clean ventilating system will also produce lower utility bills. If it has been a very long time since your air ducts have been cleaned, they may be severely clogged with debris. In a situation such as this, cleaning your air ducts could result in a significant savings on your utility bills.

You can be confident in the Steam Wright Cleaning team. We are trained and experienced and we have the know-how and the equipment to deal with even the worst air duct contamination. When our professionals arrive at your home or business, we’ll check your duct system for problems and assess the degree of contamination - and then we’ll get right to work pulling out those nasty pollutants. We’ll even replace your old, dirty air filters with clean, new ones for free when we’ve finished cleaning your ventilation system.

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