Carpet Cleaning


cleaning carpet in mayfield, kyTen years experience and genuine concern for our customers and their property make Steam Wright Cleaning of western KY the team you need if you’re looking for “Carpet Cleaning Done Right!” We clean residential and commercial properties, using state-of-the-art, all organic water-based cleaning solutions.

Unlike many carpet cleaning services, Steam Wright makes the carpet cleaning experience easy for you – we move the furniture as a complimentary service. (* Some conditions apply.) When we finish the job, your home or business will be a clean and healthy environment, not simply because we got rid of the dirt and grime, but also because we will have removed contaminants such as bacteria, allergens, and viruses that contribute to allergies and diseases – plus, we will have eradicated those stubborn, unpleasant household odors. If you desire, we’ll apply professional Scotchgard for Carpeting to protect your carpet from future soiling – this service only costs a little, but provides big value in protection and peace of mind.

Brent Wright is proud to hold the highest possible degree – trained and certified by the IICRC, America’s topmost authority on Cleaning Service Training; this means that we’re highly trained professionals who’ve been taught attention to details and unsurpassed quality workmanship. Make us your first choice for carpet cleaning, pet cleanup and odor resolution, Oriental rug care, and so much more. No one will offer you a wider array of services at more affordable rates than Steam Wright Cleaning, providing professional truck mounted steam extraction and the latest in cleaning technology. We offer convenient hours, courteous consultations, and a 100% Clean Guarantee”.

We serve Western Kentucky, Southern Illinois, Southeast Missouri, and Western Tennessee. If you’re in the quad-state area, we’re here for you! We do it all, so for superior service at great prices and the exceptional customer service you deserve, fill out the contact form below or call for a free estimate today! (And don’t forget – we move furniture for free!)



Our state-of-the-art cleaning process is second to none. You see, at Steam Wright Cleaning, we understand that your property is important to you; that’s why we take the time to do things right the first time. We promise to give your home or business the personal scrutiny and attention to detail that our valued customers expect and deserve.

Step One - Pre-Cleaning Inspection:

We’ll walk with you throughout your home and perform a sight inspection of your flooring, identifying stains and other trouble spots that may need extra attention. Then, we’ll discuss our evaluation with you, listen to any concerns that you may have, and advise you of the results you can expect.

Step Two - Pre-Cleaning Preparation:

We’ll move sofas, chairs, tables and smaller items as a complimentary service. Some conditions apply for heavier items, and may incur additional costs. When you call for a free quote, we’ll be up front with you about all pricing. We do ask that you move your breakables and other valuable or sentimental pieces.

Step Three - Commercial Pre-Cleaning Vacuuming:

Loose dirt is removed during a thorough commercial power-vacuuming process; this is a critical step in the cleaning process.

Step Four - Pre-Cleaning Treatment of High-Traffic Areas:

We apply a preconditioning agent to your carpets to break down heavier soiling in dirt-laden, highly trafficked areas of your home or business, in order to give you a more thorough general cleaning.

Step Five – Pre-Spotting

Stubborn spots are pretreated with special solutions to enhance the chances of completely removing those unsightly stains.

Step Six – Pre-Grooming/Agitation:

Next, we use a professional carpet grooming tool to help loosen the soil even further, so that no dirt is left behind after the cleaning process is complete.

Step Seven - Soil Extraction and Rinsing:

After all the preliminary pre-cleaning process, your carpet is professionally steam cleaned. We use powerful truck-mounted, hot-water steam extraction cleaning equipment to make sure that your floors don’t become over-wet. Finally, every room is thoroughly rinsed, so that there’s no troublesome sticky residue left behind.

Step Eight - Post-Cleaning Neutralizer:

After cleaning, your carpet is pH balanced, further ensuring that no residue remains; and also leaving your carpet soft, clean, and fresh.

Step Nine - Post-Cleaning Spot Treatments:

Should any persistent stains or spots remain, they’ll get a final treatment with specialty spotting solutions that are specifically designed for the job. To extend the life of your carpets and upholstery, and to provide protection from spills and stains, be certain to have Scotchgard for Carpeting professionally applied after each cleaning, at only a few extra dollars.

Step Ten - Post-Cleaning Grooming:

When your carpet has been cleaned and the water extracted, it is groomed with a special grooming tool, lifting the pile so that it’s left standing tall and looking brand new when we leave. Post-cleaning grooming also enables the carpet pile to stay in the proper position for faster drying.

Step Eleven - Post-Cleaning Drying:

We’ll create a custom drying system for your home, to allow for maximum airflow. This helps achieve optimal drying in the shortest time, so that you can enjoy your newly-cleaned carpets sooner.

Step Twelve - Post-Cleaning Inspection:

To make sure you’re completely happy with our workmanship, we’ll walk through your home or business with you and point out the results of the cleaning process before we leave your property. Remember, we want you to be thrilled with your Steam Wright Cleaning experience, because your satisfaction is always our highest goal!