Tile, Wood and Stone

Steam whright Tile and grout cleaning west tn and west kyTILE AND GROUT CLEANING SERVICE:

Professionally trained and qualified, and industry certified to service your hard-surface flooring, we offer both our residential customers and our business clients the best tile and grout cleaning in the quad-state area. Employing the latest in cleaning technology and specially formulated cleaning solutions, we’ll pressure wash your tile floors, extracting all the accumulated dirt and grime that’s keeping it from looking its best, and we’ll restore it to a beautiful shine. We use a fully enclosed vacuum system that does not produce an over-spray, so you can be sure that your cabinets, fixtures, furniture, and nearby carpeting or hardwood flooring will all be perfectly safe during the cleaning process. So, save your knees! Call us today for a free quote and let us take care of cleaning all your tile and grout.



We’ll inspect your tile and grout first, taking note of your tile’s overall condition and degree of soiling, as well as noting any areas that may need special attention or extra treatment for staining. We’ll discuss any challenges we see with you, suggesting all the possible solutions for problem areas; this is to give you a sound basis upon which to set your expectations of the outcome of your floor’s cleaning.

Area Preparation:

We’ll prepare the surrounding area to protect adjoining carpeting or hardwood floors, making sure that nearby flooring won’t be damaged by the tile cleaning process; and we’ll move any furniture that must be cleaned underneath. (Please note: Some conditions apply to complementary furniture moving.)

Dry Soil Removal:

The tile will be thoroughly swept or vacuumed before the pressure washing procedure begins, as removing the loose, dry soil first is always the most important step in any floor-cleaning process.

Soil Suspension:

At Steam Wright cleaning, we use only the safest, most technologically advanced, highest quality cleaning solution products that are available on the cleaning industry market today. After the area has been prepped and your tile has been thoroughly swept or vacuumed, the appropriate cleaning agent will be sprayed over the entire tile surface to loosen even the most stubborn grimy build up and ground-in dirt.


After applying the soil suspension product, we brush the tile to further loosen the accumulated dirt (a mechanical, rotating brush may be used if areas are extra-heavily soiled). Then the entire tile surface is cleaned with a state-of-the-art, high pressure, fully self-contained floor cleaning tool.


Cleaning is followed by the application of a rinsing solution that is pumped through the machine to rinse your tile and leave the pH balance of your floor at a perfect 7. This rinsing process is to make sure that no sticky residue will be left behind by the cleaning procedure, assuring that your floors will shine like brand new!


Finally, a finishing sealer is applied to your tile and grout to protect your floor from future dirt and grime. The type of sealer and the application to be used will vary, depending on the type of flooring surface it is being applied to, i.e., marble, ceramic, etc.


Before we leave your home or business, we’ll walk through the area with you and discuss the results to make sure that you’re satisfied and happy with the outcome.




Hardwood flooring presents its own special demands when it comes to cleaning. Simple sweeping and mopping only serve to move the dirt around from one place to another; like other flooring surfaces, hardwood has ground-in dirt that just can’t be dealt with by mopping. We use the right equipment, the necessary technique to achieve optimal results, and cleaning solutions that are specifically designed for use on your treasured wood floors. Our cleaning process includes:



Cleaning Using Our Floor Cleaning Tool and Organic, Non-Toxic Alkaline Wood Cleansers,

Careful, Hand Cleaning of Corners and Areas Difficult to Clean with Mechanical Equipment; Extracting Dirt and Cleaning Solutions Using Our Truck-Mounted Extraction Unit;

A pH Balancing Process;

Final Walk-Through and Inspection to Make Sure You’re Happy with the Results.

Plus, you can also purchase the professional application of our special maintenance coating to help extend the life of your hardwood and to give your floor a bright, long lasting, uniform shine. Furthermore, we also offer (and recommend) a final poly-coating to guard against damage from everyday cleaning practices and to fortify your floor against scuffs and scratches, preserving its beauty for years to come. Call us for hardwood floor cleaning packages and pricing.

Tips for Preserving Your Wood Floors:

* Sweep regulary to remove loose dirt, but refrain from using household detergents, cleaners, and waxes – these can weaken your floor’s surface and make future maintenance difficult – only use cleaning solutions that are approved for hardwood flooring.

* High humidity can damage hardwood, so maintain consistent humidity inside your home.

* Be mindful of high heels and step carefully across your hardwood!

* Keep pet’s nails trimmed and filed to prevent scratches.

* Use throw rugs or door mats for doorways and higher traffic areas, but avoid rubber- backed rugs.

* Liquid is the notorious enemy of wood, so always wipe up spills immediately.

* Never drag furniture, appliances, tools, or heavy toys on your hardwood floors.



Natural Stone, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Slate, Granite, and Terrazzo


Natural stone can be the most overlooked and under cared for flooring surface in your home or at yourSteam Wright Cleaning Professional Natural Stone Floor Cleaning place of business, simply because stone care can be complicated, arduous, and time consuming. And surface marring can be an ugly reminder that Mom wasn’t as well informed (as she believed she was) about the merits of cleaning with a homemade solution of water and vinegar!

But Steam Wright Cleaning can give your natural stone the care and cleaning it needs, in no time at all. Troublesome etch marks and unsightly stains are a thing of the past when we clean your stone – leaving it looking much the way it did on the day that you had it installed. Because we’re committed to helping you keep your home, office, or business healthy, fresh, and clean (and looking its best), the answer to difficult natural stone cleaning and preservation is just one phone call away. Trust us with bothersome cleaning projects such as this – you’ll be happy that you did!

Steam Wright Cleaning’s 7-Step Natural Stone Cleaning Procedure


Stone cleaning, restoration, sealing, and preservation processes are all preceded by a thorough pre-inspection to examine the area and to assess the overall condition of the stone, and to locate any problem areas that may need special treatment. During this inspection, we’ll formulate a customized plan to address the specific needs of your floor.


Your property is important to us because we know that it’s very important to you. That’s why we take the necessary extra steps to assure that the area surrounding your natural stone is properly guarded during the cleaning process. We’ll cover the nearby area with plastic sheeting, securing it with a type of tape that won’t mar surfaces, so you can be confident that surfaces close by are protected.

Diamond Grinding And Honing:

Often, home cleaning with over-the-counter polishing products can cause the finish of natural stone to take on a cloudy or murky appearance over time. If needed, we can remove these nasty-looking product accumulations by using our honing procedure - even though the stone may not have visible cosmetic marring. However, it is common for natural stone to become marred by scuffing, scratching, or etching; and when this happens, it can only be repaired by using a rotary machine and mechanical abrasives. Diamond abrasives buff away a small amount of the stone to resurface it, bringing the outer service to just below any visible scratches and etch marks; and water is used during the grinding process to contain the tiny dust particles that result when the stone is ground. When the stone is resurfaced using diamond abrasives and water, a uniformly honed sheen is then achieved, and stone that has become splotchy, cloudy, or grimy is transformed into a smooth, even surface using our finishing process.


Stone floors receive a mechanically-produced finish after grinding/honing. This process creates a beautiful and long lasting, high gloss, glass-like shine.


Our cleaning procedures vary from one floor to another. Variables such as material composition, former maintenance, degree of soiling, and traffic flow can all influence the formulation of the cleaning plan we’ll design for your specific floor. Depending on our determination, we’ll either machine clean or hand scrub and brush your stone floor, using the most scientifically advanced natural stone cleaning products available. After the initial cleaning, we’ll employ the Steam Wright truck mounted, hot-water extraction floor cleaning tool to achieve the ultimate in soil removal, ensuring the very best outcome possible.

Sealing and Enhancers:

After the cleaning procedure, we’ll cover the stone’s surface with a clear “impregnator formula” to provide protection to the stone and to make it easier to clean and maintain in the future. An enhancer or high gloss protection solution will also be applied to any stone type that will benefit from this added step.

Final Inspection:

After cleaning and finishing your natural stone floor, we’ll examine the results with you before we leave the premises, to make sure that you’re fully satisfied with the outcome.

Important Notice For Future Stone Maintenance:

Over the counter, general cleansers are not specifically designed to care for natural stone or tile and can harm your floor, so they are never recommended. They can break down the manufacturer’s sealer, destroying its protective properties and leaving your expensive stone and its grout susceptible to stains. Even worse, some cleaning products contain vinegar, bleach, lemon, and/or ammonia that can etch away the polished surface of natural stone, devastating its shiny finish – and can even scratch your stone, essentially ruining the surface and making your costly investment virtually worthless as a selling point, should you ever decide to put your home on the real estate market. Cleaners with chelating agents actually break down and dissolve minerals in hard water, and because all stone is of mineral composition, these kinds of cleaners will dissolve the polished surface of natural stone flooring, and with continued use, cause ugly streaking over time. So, be sure to ask us for our recommendations on the best stone cleaners while we’re in your home or business.